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    Engaged artist graduated from “PHD diploma”, a “Doctorate degree” in "Fine Arts and Sciences of the Arts".
    who am I ?

    I consider myself as a contemporary artist Graduated from “PHD diploma”, a “Doctorate degree” in "Fine Arts and Sciences of the Arts".

    Inesart is the pseudonym I chose, as an extension of my first name Ines Messaoud.

    I have dual French and Tunisian nationality.

    I was born in Tunisia and since early childhood I have been fascinated by art. I pursued academic courses in fine arts and obtained (equivalent in Europe) a Master's Degree 1 in fine Arts in Tunisia, with a thesis entitled “Transgression, creative emergence”.

    Since 2010 I live in France where, in 2011, in Aix en Provence, I completed a dissertation called “Misappropriation of weaving: Games of shadow and light” and received a Master 2 degree.

    About my “PHD diploma” I have taking up the art engaged as subject, while starting from my own personal experience, that of “Immigration”. The title , of my Doctorate degree” in fine arts, is "Crochet transgression : A performative space experience"

    Between art and teaching, my heart sways:

    I had few experiences earlier in teaching, notably as “a silk painting trainer”, or as a “Designer” in a center of the Ministry of Crafts in Tunis.

    In Tunisia I had a two-year work contract in the same university where I received my Master’s degree. I was teaching new technology for students specializing in weaving (in fine arts and applied arts) as “University Teacher”.

    Since 2012, I have been hired by the Academy of Aix Marseille 1 and I enclose teaching contracts as “Teacher of fine Arts” in colleges of the “Bouches du Rhône” regional.

    My fundamental speciality is Contemporary Weaving. I do not hesitate to use traditional techniques (such as “the Crochet”, “the braiding” ...) with certain personal surpassing.

    In my creative work I am on the intersection of various techniques and mediums. My creations are various in sizes  from  mini works to installations that sometimes exceed 300 kg.

    I sail between “Weaving”, “Performance”, “Video”, “Sculpture”, “Painting” and “Photography”.

    During several years of realizations and artistic creations, only one type of wires vividly spoke to me: « the electrical wires ».  It seems to me that a tactile connection emerged between us. The dynamism between this material and me became an inventive construction game. This material established a dialogue; the wires have spoken to me, listened to me, therefore installing a tactile conversation. A lively interaction flourished between the wires and me, creating a mutual communication that liberates the vital power generated between us. 1999 marked the start of a bilateral relationship. The moment I touched the wires, I lost all sense of time and a new dimension opened itself before me.

    A continuous osmosis developed and revealed itself to us. The idea of being away from my electrical wires became unbearable for the magical connection draws me to them.  These wires became a part of me, an extension of my body so to speak. This manipulation and transformation transports and transforms me. The metamorphosis is simultaneous.

    There is an intimacy that is founded between us. They represent and incarnate me, all while telling my story with all its joy and its disappointments. Our connection is profound, intense and varies according to my memories and my emotions. The wires became an embodiment of my essence.

    I lay myself bare; reveal my true vulnerability and my wires tell the untold, They are often the words of my unconscious. Through my creations I discover myself over and over again. The wires allow me to escape finitude and approach eternity.

    This material it is the extension of my being, and these wires might even exist inside my core. It might seem absurd, but the wires, as tangible as they are, become ethereal. They go beyond perception and become the core of my spirit. The wires turn into threads, of my thoughts and of my existence. They incarnate the thread of my destiny and the thread of my life.

    The wires help me focus; they guide me and don’t let the intricacies of my emotions bewilder me. It, in fact, plastically varies according to my artistic plans.

    In a journey from the within to the outside, I whisk my wires away towards my own universe. They flee from the tangible to the intangible, from the material to the abstract. This journey is what my artistic creation revolves around. Exhilaration and enthusiasm reach their peak for these wires captivate me and help me explore the complexities of my subconscious while penetrating and unveiling my intimacy.

    If you listen carefully, the wires will tell you about my journeymy existencemy story and my other self. Each wire represents uniqueness, an identitya destiny that in many ways resembles mine and differs from it. The wires might intersect, pull away, entangle and in this way they form their own alive and the matrix of my universe.

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