Master 1 Degree 1 in Fine Art

    Inesart, « Transgression, creative emergence »
    (equivalent in Europe) a Master’s 1 degree in fine arts
    Technique : Crochet. Material : black and metallic electrical (the wire in the normal state and the core in copper).
    four large dimension crocheted creations of rectangular shape ( 3.25 m by 1.75 m. a detail: With the stretch, the length went from 3.25 m to more than 4 m). The weight of my creation is 300 kg. Wrought iron support
    Place: superior institute of arts and crafts (Sfax/ Tunisia ), 2005.

    Inesart, « Transgression, creative emergence », 2005.
    Details in photographs of diploma in Fine Arts (equivalent in Europe)a Master’s 1 degree

    In 2005, I completed my first Master’s 1 degree in fine arts with thesis entitled:
    “Transgression, creative emergence”, which was work composed of four large dimension crocheted creations of rectangular  shape   3.25 m by 1.75 m. a detail: With the stretch, the length went from 3.25 m to more than 4 m).
    My work presents a dichotomy between two types of crocheted creation; it uses black and metallic electrical wires, that is to say the wire in the normal state and the core in copper.
    The plan of my dissertation was divided into three parts: construction / destruction / reconstruction.
    The first step was the construction of my crocheted creation. It lasted more than eight months with a help by my mother (who is always present with me for projects).
    When I observe my artistic work in this repetition, I see my life in its regularity, I see the teenage girl and stable that I was, a girl surrounded by her family, a protected and reassured girl. This repetition in crochet point is an image of the routine. I felt that I had taken no real risks in my life.
    The second step was the destruction of my work. It was an intervention that required a lot of courage. In fact, it is not easy, after taking months to create my four crochet creation, to destroy and alter them so deeply as quickly as it takes to say. At times, I found myself in a situation of internal conflict, torn between the feelings of curiosity, that of artistic investigation but also that of prudence so as not to dislocate my crochet work too much.Such a tug is explained by a set of ideas that prompted me to act in the face of changes, a feeling of internal revolt that I had to express. As a moment of consciousness, a moment of action. I needed in this period, a change in my life. So for me, I disfigured and I altered to see better. The third step of my work and that of reconstruction. The latter is based on the concept of emergenceI highlighted the voids. I took them as a starting point to realize the new forms. I introduced a crochet electrical wires, uncovered from their protective layers.An irregularity in the technical laws of the crochet is a form of continuity of my inner revolt in thoughts, for I seek a reconstruction that goes beyond the usual laws. Balancing  between regularity, technique, and innovative bias, my crochet work are like a curve of my state of thought, they show the ups and downs in my sensations.I deformed with my hands a piece of crocheted work so that it gives them an organic form, and then I have introduced in the holes some degradation in the passage from one form to another. I then frayed the top to get the opening. I kept the bare wires as a working base to accentuate the holes and work at heights.
    I carried out a form of propagation of the bare electric wire horizontally around the holes, as if I were seeking by their extension a form of communication and exchange.
    What I wanted to show by this progression is that it is also a spiritual progression of my thoughts and my choices. There are internal intentions which speak to me and which push me to go forward but especially that make me exchange.
    This internal revolt was a necessity for making an interchange. I am convinced that we can move forward in life through exchange. An opening. But the idea of ​​openness requires two spaces.
    I went beyond the idea of ​​internal communication to address myself outside. I wanted to make an exchange to the outsidebeyond my surroundings, and maybe even my country. A communication towards other cultures, other ways of thinking, of seeing things.
    With the experience and the time I realize today that it is my work that has pushed me towards immigration.And that the desire to change and to build new relationships has brewed me in fact for a very long time.
    In the past, I did not have the idea to make the decision to emmigrate, my family is a true protective cocoon. I thought that leaving a united family environment is a huge risk; I was heading to the unknown. The sensation of landing in an unknown environment, always having consequences that can not be foreseen.

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