Master 2 Degree in Fine Art

    Inesart, « Misappropriation of weaving : Games of shadows and lights”.
    My master 2 in fine arts.
    (thesis director Mr. Khalil M'Rabet).

    Material: black electrical wire. Technique: Crochet.
    “Explosed Solidarity”, the weighs about 120 Kg.
    Faculty of science and letter to Aix En Provence, 2011.

    In order to obtain my Master 2 degree in fine arts, I produced a thesis entitled Misappropriation of weaving: Games of Shadows and Lights”. My work is composed of 7 crocheted creation of square shape in electric wire). This assembly weighs about 120kg.
    A paradoxical relationship between the materiality, the dense and substantial of my crocheted creation and immateriality of the shadow.  In a nutshell, a dialoguewas established between two forms: the real and the virtual.
    I was interested in using shadows as a kind of imprint. This notion of shadow that I adopted in my work, symbolizes the idea of openness towards another space, another universe, towards a fluid kind of communication with the human memory. I attempted to evoke an idea of transcendence and evasion towards the cosmos. 
    I imagined the passage of the being, the soul, and the mind to the beyond. Very much like a spiritual escape from a materialistic world to a non-materialistic beyond.
    To me, the shadows are like a door to the another. An opening and an opportunity of meeting and exchange between two particular universes that are distant and contiguous at the same time. When I put myself in front of my crocheted creation and observe their shadows, I feel like a traveler, furthermore I get that interior bizarre sensation that this direction breaks all physical barriers established around my body.
    While observing it, I get a feeling of omitted a call of release that allows me to transcend my own limits. A boundary between the stable, sculpted crocheted elements, and the shadows that I get. It is an artistic research that has given me the deepest sensations which made passage through a strange articulation. I feel a form of verticality ranging from “me to me”, circular and connected to me, between my mind and my heart but also a form of horizontality, in the shape of a dialogue, but towards the unknown, the outside, and the surrounding world.

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