Participation / Press / Interview

    *30/07/2018 : An interview with the journalist Frank Botteau (F. Kecichian) at Arts fair in Saint-Croix Volvestre.

    *27/07/2018→05/08/2018 at Ste Croix Volvestre. A participation in the 7th Arts fair in Saint-Croix Volvestre.

    «…“ the passage from  soul and spirit to a more spiritual world… the evasion of the material to an immaterial beyond… A transcendence towards the cosmos… a liberating appeal at once remote and contiguous with myself… a paradoxical journey between the real and the virtual… »

    “The Birth”  “Asteroid” “Why not !!” “Quadrus” “Bipolar” “Pillar 2”

    * 19/05/2018 → 30/09/2018 in the castle of Varaigne : My Participation in an exhibition « The ambulant Wire » :  ” UNION ” : “…the spiritual thread that connects and weaves a form of peace and solidarity for humanity whatever the colors, origins and religions… »

    *April 2018 : An interview, an article written by artist Kathryn Vercillo, published and  issue of Happily Hooked Digital Magazine in USA.

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