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"Participations / Scientific publications"

Publication:"The 1960 Revolution From An Artisanal Crochet Technique To A Contemporary Artistic Space

Date: 28-02-2021.
Type: An article publication for a collective theme: "Identity and art profession".
Nature: A historic text that highlights the 1960 revolution from an artisanal technique of crochet to a contemporary artistic space.
Local: The laboratory for interdisciplinary and comparative studies and research "LERIC" in Tunisia.
Summary: …To experience the continuity of a thread, of a continuum, of a temporality which is stretched or apt to "extend". Even the plasticity of such a thread comes from that capacity which has begun since its origin with an undefined temporality. To make a surface with dots, to make plural with an entity. This is but a gathering of knots of a weft, which is nothing other than a gathering of meanings. To present something, to feel living and surviving in different spaces. It’s a little bit as if a crocheted weft allowing to be in / to have a sharper meaning of space. It is a continuous thread that often takes on a dreamlike and an imaginary dimension, it is also the space of the artist’s intimacy, to which is added an external space which is that of representation and distancing in the physical world of the crocheted work.

"Participation in a Study Day"

"Article: A personal experience shows that art is a truth revealed by lies"

Date: 10-01-2020.
Type: My participation in a conference: "the lies in artistic creation" and a promise of article publication in 2021.
Nature: My presentation of a poetic article.
Local: The LERIC laboratory at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Sfax / Tunisia.
Links / Photos: The link is available on "Vimeo" as well as "the certificate" of my participation and all of my photos taken during the study day on "Pinterest".
Summary: Between "truth" and "lie" there is a knot, a clear and absurd interbreeding. I get off the analysis of an actual story, a personal experience, sometimes exceeding some realities and giving a meaning to intrinsic definitions of certain notions. It allows me to show the union of two contradictory notions that show complicity in the achievement of an artistic creation. This is a general representation of a particular reading, a form of a spatial confrontation that gives a new perspective to notions and to conceived concepts. It is also a dialect made between the truth and the lie, an interpretation that reveals a distant truth, a reminiscence and an anamnesis of the past. The act of transmitting a truth realizedin the present is represented by lies. It is about highlighting my creation that can be only an interior reality exteriorized by intentional lies. It is about a mental journey that helped me to uncover the hidden that is so deep in me. This is a passage from the invisible to the visible, an aptitude that highlights the feeling of purification thanks to a simple quiet discourse. Facing reality pushes me to associate the representation with lies. Can we give birth to artistic creations that get revealed without any transformation with their perfections and their flaws ? Can we stimulate topics that go beyond taboos and prohibitions without delving into the lie ?
Video: The presentation of the my participation during the study day on "Youtube" channel.