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"Transgression of Crochet, a Performative Experience of Space"


The coincidence allowed me to make beautiful discoveries. I was extremely fascinated by the particular beauty of electrical wires and plastic potential, so that they lightened my artistic career. I have chosen the wire as a first material of my work since 1999. I opted for an artisanal technique, that of crochet, in connection with contemporary tapestry. Such a method highlights the idea of connectivity and weaving of social links by only one continuous thread without any split, targeting a transgression of such a practice in the sake of a larger understanding of what it represents. Through the gestural repetition that allowed me to lead to a form of ritualization of my technique, I go through a phase of consciousness where perception becomes sharper. My practice has become a form of existense, of improvement and relief to arrive to a magical effect that releases the body through spirituality. It is also a form of connectivity, of exchange with artists that made my universe bigger. Through serial, monochrome (black) and an epistemological analysis, I suggest a mingling of certain discipines, a form of hybridization between a cosmological, mathematical and physical universe. My body becomes a leader thread that draws my interiority in the external space by performative and expressive videos. Here, I am experiencing a contiguity resulting in reality from the continuity of the thread This internal and fusional space, where I experience my body in relation to the continuous thread, often takes on an imaginary dimension, to which is added an external space, that of representation and distancing in the physical world of my work.

Videos / Photos:

During my defense, I had the opportunity to present my performative videos: " The exit of my cocoon", " Invasion of space" and " Facing the mirror". All the photos of my defense are available on my "Pinterest "account. You can watch other videos on " Vimeo" or on " Youtube".

Date/Place : 20/12/2017 - University of science and Arts in Aix En Provence.
Details : A "PhD diploma in fine Arts and Art Science".
- the Thesis Directors : The philosopher Mr "Alain Chareyre Méjan"-
- in joint supervision with the artist Mr "Khalil M’Rabet"-
- The president of the jury: The philosopher Mr "Bernard Salignon"-
- Jury member: the artist Mr "Germain Roesz"-

"Weaving Diversion : Play on Shadows and Lights "


To obtain the diploma of "Master2" in fine arts, I have achieved a dissertation entitled "Weaving Diversion : Play on Shadows and Lights". My artwork is composed of 7 wefts crocheted with wires. It is an assembly that weighs almost 120kg. There is a paradoxical relationship between the heavy and excessive materiality of my wefts and the immateriality of the shadow. A dialogue that took place between two forms : that of the real and that of the virtual… I have been interested in shadow as a kind of imprint… The notion of shadow that I have adopted in my topic symbolizes the idea of openness on another space , another world, on a style of communication with the memory. I have tried to stimulate an idea of transcendence and evasion to the cosmos. It is about the passage of the being, of the soul, of the spirit towards the hereafter, a bit like a spiritual escape from a material world to an immateral hereafter. The shadow is for me a form of openness for meetings and relationships but in different particular universes both distant and contiguous. When I face my wefts and observe their shadows, I feel like a traveller. I have the inner and weird sensation that this journey breaks all the barriers physically installed around my body. I feel as I observe it, a form of liberating appeal which allows me to go beyond my own limits, a limit between the stable crocheted and sculpted elements, and the shadows that I obtain. It is a plastic research which gives me the deepest sensations and which has a strange articulation. I feel a form of verticality going from "me to me" , circular and connected to me, between my mind and my heart but still a form of horizontality, and a form of dialogue towards others, towards the outside and the surrounding world.

Videos / Photos:

During my defense, i had the opportunity to present mini works and graphic research carried out in 2 D. All the photos of my defense are available on my "Pinterest" account. You can watch other videos on " Youtube" or on " Vimeo"


Date / Place : September / 2011 - Faculty of Sciences and Letters in Aix En Provence.
Details : A "Defense of Master 2 in fine Arts and Sciences of Art".
- An installation of 120 kg / Electric wires / The crochet technique-
- The thesis director : Mr. "Khalil M'Rabet" -
- The president of the jury: Mr. "Patrick Moquet" -

" Transgression, Creative emergence "


"Transgression Creative Emergence" is the title of my work of Masters’ degree in fine arts that is the equivalent in Europe of Master1. I used a black and the metallic wire, that is the wire in its usual state, with its copper core, for the realization of four crocheted wefts of large dimensions, namely 3.25m/1.75 (with the stretching, the length increases from 3.25 to more than 4 meters). The dissertation plan is divided into three parts: construction / destruction / reconstruction.
The first step was "the construction of wefts" : It lasted several months (more than eight months of continuous work). In such a task i was helped by my mother (always present in the realization of my projects), when i observe my wefts in such recurrence, i look at my life in its order, I see the young adolescent and stable girl that i was, a young girl surrounded by my family, a young girl protected and comforted. Such a recurrence in the weft is an image of routine. I felt like I hadn’t taken any real risk in my life.
The second step was the act of "destroying my work" : It was an intervention that took too much courage. In fact, it is not easy that after months of efforts and creations, to destroy my four wefts and to change them so deeply and so quickly. At times, I found myself in a situation of internal conflict, torn between the feeling of curiosity, that of plastic investigation but also that of caution so as not to dislocate my crocheted artwork too much. Such a tension can be explained by a set of ideas that pushed me to act when facing changes, a feeling of inner revolt that I cannot control : It’s like a moment of conscience, a moment of action. I needed a change in this time of my life. So for me, it was necessary to disfigure, to alter in order to see better.
The third step is that of "reconstruction": This last one is based on the concept of emergence. I highlighted the obtained voids. I considered them as a starting point to achieve my new forms. I introduced bare electrical wires, uncovered from their protective attached envelope. The irregularity at the level of technical rules of crochet is a form of the continuity of my inner revolt of my ideas, because I looked for a reconstruction that exceeds the usual rules. Oscillating between regularity, technique, and innovative bias, my frames are like a recording of my state of thought. They show the ups and downs in my feelings. I shaped each frame so that it gives them an organic shape, then i introduced some degradations in the holes in the transition from one shape to another. I then frayed the top until I got the opening. I kept the bare wires as a working base to accentuate the holes and work at height. I carried out a form of propagation of the bare material, horizontally around the holes, as if I were looking by their extension for a form of communication and relationships.
What I wanted to show by such a "progress" : that this is also a spiritual progress of my ideas and my choices. There are inner intentions that talk to me to react with others. Such an inner revolt was a necessity to make relationships and to forge links. I was satisfied that we can develop in the life thanks to relationships. It is an openness. However, the idea of openness requires two spaces. I exceeded the idea of inner communication in order to open on the outside.I wanted to make an exchange that goes beyond my background, my surroundings and maybe even my country as well. A communication with other cultures, other ways of thinking and of looking at things. With experience and with time i realize today that it was my work that pushed me to immigrate, and that the desire to make relationships and to forge links has been overwhelming me for a very long time. In the past I didn't have the idea to make the decision of immigration. My family is a real protective cocoon. The fact of coming out of a tight family environment is a huge risk because I was heading into the unfamiliar. The feeling I had in the past was that the fact to land in an unfamiliar environment, always has consequences that cannot be foreseen.

Videos / Photos:

During my defense, I had the opportunity to present mini works and graphic research carried out in 2 D. You will find the details of my installation in " Pinterest ". Other videos of the defense are available on " Vimeo " and on "Youtube ".

Date and local : June 2005-Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts of Sfax/Tunisia.
Details : A "Master’s1 degree in fine Arts and science of Art".
- An installation of 350kg / electrical wires / the technique of crochet*