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"Interviews multilingues"

"Battle (Sexism) / Pink October (France)"

Date: 10/10/2020.
Language: French.
Summary: I was suggested by Mr Stephane Salord among about twenty artists exibiting, in order to present my work "battle" , realized about the theme "Pink October": it’s a live passage broadcasted in the social media of the gallery. The general idea of my work here is "the sexism", to represent the status of the woman, whatever her origins, in a common way. But I am focusing especially on the women that have somehow difficulties in expressing their feelings. My works can be read and interpreted in different ways. I have tried to highlight the idea through a personal experience told in 4 stages survived and alternated between postponement and determination, confronting also moments of reluctancy. It is about an inner conflict, but it is also external. It is made of suspicion ; the fear of expressing oneself. However, it is made of courage as well, of the desire to communicate.

"History of Success (Tunisia)"

Date: 10-07-2020.
Language: Arabic.
Summary: Following my participation in the big exhibition "artistic deconfinement" that was organized by the gallery of ESDAC and that had a live international success, Mr Mehdi Kacem, a Radio presenter in Sfax / Tunisia, contacted me for a live passage in his matinal program "History of Success". It was an opportunity to talk about my artistic and professional career. As a matter of fact, such a live intervention had a broader dimension; starting from a personal experience, and coming to a collective and political one, to finish with a topical subject, that of the immigration of young Tunisians and Tunisian skills.

"Deconfined art (France)"

Date: 02-07-2020.
Language: French.
Summary: I was suggested by Mr Stephane Salord among about fifty artists exibiting, in order to present my artwork "Self / Silk", realized about the deconfined art : a live passage broadcasted in the social media of the gallery. The general idea is: the confinement period was very interesting for me.It was a rest, in my life as an artist, that allowed me to see things better, to orient myself towards other objectives, to see / re-examine the world from another angle. In short it is about bringing back order to my life. This period of segregation gave me strength, a push forwards to overcome all the difficulties and therefore to be optimistic.

"5th Prize at the art Saloon (France)"

Date: 30-07-2018.
Language: French.
Summary: During my collective exhibition at the Saloon of Arts in Volvestre, i was interviewed by the journalist Franck Kecichian. The newspaper article was a real conversation, it allowed me to present my work, in a deep way, in terms of denotation and connotation. The poetic, symbolic spirit was present in my speech to address the idea of connectivity, of openness to others

"Artist’s profile (United States)"

Date: 01-04-2018.
Language: English.
Summary: During the time i was working on my thesis, i have had the chance to discover "crochet saved my life", a book written by the writer / artist Kathryn Vercillo. Her personal experience, as well as the testimonies of the people she has presented in her book, has affected me very much. I have then written a comparative study of ten pages, and i have not hesitated to contact her. There was such a symbiosis between the two of us. The few intellectual exchanges that we had together (concerning my artistic and educational background, the symbolism of my work, and the complementary relationship between artist / craftsman), resulted in the writing of an article, entitled "Artist profile" that she published in the United States.

"Publication in the press"

"International Newspaper / KNX "

Date: 02-01-2020.
Language: English.
Event: the creation of KNX Club Tunisia.
Details: An article published in the KNX Association newspaper concerning the creation of KNX Club Tunisia, the first and only KNX Association in Africa of which i am one of the founding members.

ma parution au journal internation KNX

"Newspaper / Aix En Provence (France)"

Date: 13-04-2019
Language: French
Event: Collective exhibition in Aix en Provence.
Details: A newspaper published about the "Resource" exhibition. I was among the 5 artists at La galerie 361 ° - Espace d'Art Contemporain. The journalist tried to interpret our participation in an article entitled "Welcome to a parallel world". The image presented in the newspaper is that of our spokesperson, who was able, so well, to represent our work based on our texts.

le journal qui est sortie à aix en provence pour les 5 artistes

"Newspaper/ Volvestre (France)"

Date: 02-08-2018.
Language: French.
Event: the 5th jury prize in the "Sculpture / Engraving" at the 7th saloon of arts.
Details: An article was published in the regional newspaper in Volvestre, following my participation in the art saloon, and obtaining the 5th jury prize for all of my sculptures. The full interview is on this link.

ma parution au journal régional de volvestre

"Publication in catalogs"

"Textile vibrations"

Date: 16-08-2019 → 30-08-2019.

Local: Paris / France.
Event: A collective exhibition: Solidarity / a personal performance: Scar.
Language: French.
Details: I just have to point out that the text planned for printing in the catalog was as follows: Visual artist, Franco-Tunisian, specialist in crossbreeding. Initiated in traditional techniques, Inesart trained in the field of natural dyes, carpets and wall tapestries in Tunis. She has almost 10 years of experience in the field of education, she taught fine arts in Tunisia / Sfax then followed a master 2 and a doctorate in visual arts at the University of Aix Marseille (specialty contemporary weaving Residing today in the Bouches-du- Rhône, she has been teaching fine arts at colleges since 2012. She presents, with "textile vibration", a masterful piece (almost 120 kg) with which she improvises a setting. In an unprecedented scene that she offers as a performance for the closing evening, called "scar".
Links / Photos: the video is on "vimeo", the list of "artists", "page 1", "page2 " (performance), the "all photos".

"Pyramid' Arts"

Date:04-07-2019 → 07-07-2019.

Local: At the convention center, Grande Motte / France.
Event: My participation "Black and white". A collective exhibition at contemporary arts saloon.
Language: French.
Links / Photos: the all "photos", covers "page 1" and "page 2", the list of "artists", the photo of my "artwork". the video is on "Vimeo".

"Micro textile"

Date:06-06-2019 → 21-06-2019.
Local: Ivano-Frankivsk / Ukraine.
Event: My participation "M'y Little Universe". A collective exhibition at the 9th biennial of textile micro arts.
Language: English.
Links / Photos: The all "photos", "cover", "my artwork", the video is on "Vimeo".

"Mini textile"

Date: 06-06-2019 → 21-06-2019
Local: Ivano-Frankivsk / Ukraine.
Event: My participation "Aven". A collective exhibition at the 9th biennial of textile mini arts.
Language: English.
Links / Photos: The all "photos", "cover" catalog, "my artwork", the video is on "Vimeo".

"7th saloon of arts"

Date:27-07-2019 → 05-08-2019
Local: Saint croix volvestre / France.
Event: My participation "A travel". A collective exhibition at 7th saloon of arts.
Language: French.
Links / Photos:
the all "photos", "page 1", "page 2", l'image de mon travail. the video is on "Vimeo".